electric lunchbox HeatAway

Enjoy a hot meal.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Introducing the HeatAway – an electric lunchbox that heats up your meal, where and whenever you want.

Save time, pay less and eat better.

When & where can I get one?

HeatAway is coming soon. Sign up now to receive a special price and the chance to be one of the early testers. So hurry up!

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Autonomous heating

No external power sources required

Facilitate healthy living

Designed so you can bring your faithful companion anywhere

Safe food storage

No spills, no odor & refrigerator proof

Reduce (food) waste

Cut down on harmful packaging and food waste


Several times of use before needing a re-charge

Start saving money

Spending too much on take-out will be a thing of the past

What is HeatAway?

HeatAway will let you heat up a meal in a few minutes without relying on external sources of energy. Bye-bye microwaves!

We experimented extensively to develop a self-heating element that can warm up food in a safe and efficient way. To ensure portability and ease of use, we carefully picked materials that are light, durable and easy to wash. Together with top-designers, we will integrate all this into a functional and esthetically pleasing electric lunchbox (current design is subject to change).

Who is HeatAway?



Growing up in the Alps I was missing the possibility to warm up my meals on the ski slopes or anywhere outdoors. During an university project the team got together and the idea was born. HeatAway is not the first company I founded and will not be the last either.


As a food-loving student, I know the struggle of finding an affordable yet tasty hot meal during lunch breaks. This hassle shaped the idea of HeatAway. A warm lunch shouldn’t be a challenge, but a certainty.


Commuting between Rotterdam and Amsterdam I end up eating expensive take-out several times a week. The HeatAway is my solution to enjoy hot and healthy meals, all while saving money. Having studied energy solutions I searched extensively for the perfect technology to heat up your food safely and quickly.

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Part of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship programme

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Part of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship programme